Experience Svalbard on your own terms! Discover Svalbard’s untouched nature away from the touristy sights. Contact us if you have special requests and we will help you design your very own Svalbard adventure.

Private Snowmobile trip, Svalbard


Better Moments AS have the most versatile snowmobile trips on our daily program, but there is much more to experience on Spitsbergen. Maybe a trip to Pyramiden in the north, which is an old abandon Russian mining village, is something for you. Or a trip along the west coast, to the old radio station, Isfjord radio. Both trips are beautiful, whole day trips, in extreme wilderness. There is so much to experience on Svalbard; there are almost no limits.

Maybe a long trip isn’t something for you. We can arrange shorter trips closer to Longyearbyen such as a visit to Coles Bay or Elveneset. These half-day tours can be tailored entirely to your needs. It is driving in easy terrain, with beautiful scenery. The choice is yours.

[one_third]Overnight trip to Pyramiden
2 day snowmobile expedition

Available on request
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[/one_third][one_third_last]Arctic silence
5 day skiing-expedition

Available on request
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Summer & fall

The whole Barentz sea is our playground. A private trip out on the fjord is a unique way to explore the arctic. Our comfortable, sturdy boat is allowed to exit the Icefjord and can reach most of the west coast on one tank of fuel. If you have a wish out of the ordinary, we will do our best to help you.


From Russia with love
Two-day trip to Pyramiden

Available on request
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New adventures with old legends
Hiking trip with supper

Taubanebukk, Longyearbyen

Available on request
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Change day of the week on the set trips

Maybe you want to take one of our trips on a day that is not presented in our program. Contact us and we will try to help you get to the destination you want the most.

[one_half]Photo trips
Photographing wildlife often requires a lot of time and patience. On a normal day-trip it is no guaranty that we have time to get the perfect shot. Other guests get impatient and we also have a program to follow.

We can organize private film and photo trips for you, where we use experienced guides that have worked with many great photographers. The guides will try to find nice spots for you, and will give you the time you need to get what you want.

Tents under the Northern Lights[/one_half][one_half_last]Arctic Fox Svalbard Marco Ronconi

Overnight trips
Overnight trips are often the best way to experience Svalbard, because let’s face it – Svalbard only really starts when you leave Longyearbyen. We offer private overnight trips, both in winter and summer to give you more time to see and learn about our beautiful nature. Sleeping in Russian hotels, Norwegian radio stations or remote cabins is an amazing experience. To be even more flexible, we can also bring tented camps and sleep out in the wild – entirely by ourselves. Here, some of us have to stay awake during the night, to be polar bear watch. We can travel by snowmobile, boat, kayak or on foot depending on the kind of trip you want.[/one_half_last]

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