The Arctic Dream – A two day hike along the Icefjord


On this 2-day hiking trip we will explore the arctic nature surrounding the Isfjord, hike along the coast and up into the valleys. Get ready for breath-taking views.

We will leave Longyearbyen early in the morning with one of our closed RIB boats. The boat takes us to the Russian settlement, Colesbay, located 30 km south in the majestic Isfjord.

Colesbay, together with Grumant, was one of the biggest mining towns on Svalbard during the cold war. In the end of the fifties, over 1000 people had their home and work in this area. Today there’s only a few houses and ruins left. Along the shoreline, we can see the 7,7km long railway that connects these two settlements.

After a round-trip in Colesbay, we will enjoy a morning snack before we start the hike back to civilization. We start out easy and follow the old railway. After just a few 100 meters we will come to an old cabin. This cabin has its history from an old expedition, and today it is actually a small museum. After a visit in the “museum”, we will leave the shoreline and head up towards the bird cliffs. On the top of the bird mountain we will follow the edge, where we will have one of the best views you can imagine. If time and weather condition allow it, we will hike down a small valley and explore the twin town of Colesbay, Grumant. Here the guide will decide where to set up the camp for the night. It could be close to Grumant, near the sea, or we might hike up to the top of the bird mountain again to set up the camp where there’s a stunning view.

During the night we have to be on guard for polar bears. They are curious animals, but seldom mean any harm. However, for safety (our own and theirs), we will all take turns to stay awake and be on polar bear watch. This is an unique part of all hiking trips on Svalbard. Sitting there, enjoying the deafening silence during the midnight sun, will make you treasure this moment for life. For many guests this is one of the best memories to take with you from the trip.

In the morning, we will have a hearty breakfast before we start hiking again. We will follow the edge of the mountain for a few kilometers before we will find the path down to Bjørndalen (Bear valley). Bjørndalen is one of the most diverse flora terrains “close” to Longyearbyen. If we are lucky we will get close to the Svalbard reindeers that are common in this green valley. We also have to help each other to cross a shallow, but rapid stream that runs through the valley. If you are not afraid of cold water, you can cross the stream barefoot.

When we exit Bjørndalen, after lunch, we will follow the old dust road that leads us towards Longyearbyen. Close to the airport a car will come and pick us up to drive us the last kilometers in to the town.

Day 1 distance 11-16 km, altitude 600 meters, all in all max accent of 1200 meter.
Day 2 distance 14 km.

This is not a very exhausting hike but for some it might be a challenge. You should be used to hike in rocky terrain, outside roads and paths. You are going to carry a personal backpack with all personal equipment, plus tent and sleeping bag. This backpack might weigh up to 15kg.

This trip includes:

  • Pick up at your hotel
  • Boat trip from Longyearbyen to Coles Bay
  • Food and snacks
  • Tent, sleeping bag and matt
  • Backpack
  • Guide with all necessary safety equipment
  • SAR insurance

Personal equipment:

  • Good hiking shoes for rough terrain (can be purchased at any store in Longyearbyen, Tax Free)
  • Wind- and waterproof clothing
  • Warm mid layer and woolen underwear
  • One dry shift
  • We provide a good sleeping bag, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • We also provide back packs, but if you bring your own it needs to be min. 60L

We require a minimum of 3 persons on this trip.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

NOK 3490,- 

  • From 06.07.2019 – 31.08.2019
  • Pick up at hotel 08:00
  • Days Tuesday and Saturday
  • Duration  2 days
  • Good physical fitness required, not suitable if you have limited mobility (steep, slippery and uneven terrain)

 Hiking Russernov cabin in Coles Bay  Hiking Sunset, Forlandet Svalbard Arctic skua, Spitsbergen Puffin by Erik Grønneseter Polar fox Polar bear tracks 996709_10152896903305462_1335238462_n 1918764_265971750461_6757406_n 10005843_10155925573400462_4167003641341826808_o 10378013_10154266151770462_7378686745067327862_n 10583963_10154465876420462_129445163671803520_n 12031574_10153035444780025_964943629465552016_o Skjermbilde 2015-11-13 15.00.18

“The polar bear watch with the panoramic views and a roaring fire whilst watching the fog move around the mountains and occasional foxes skipping by was a real highlight!”
– AlexJE2017 on TripAdvisor


“We arrived at our camp site with the most incredible view over the landscape of Svalbard you can imagine. Our guide cooked fresh meat and vegetables and even offered us smoked reindeer heart, a local delicacy and some good spirits.”
– Daniel K on TripAdvisor


“The guide and the group were excellent. The trip wasn’t particularly difficult for someone in relatively good shape, but it wasn’t a just ‘casual stroll’.”
– Philip B on TripAdvisor