Ursus Maritimus – King of the Arctic


This snowmobile trip goes to the magnificent east coast, where the nature is untouched and the land frozen solid. A view that is hard to describe. You don’t want to miss this amazing experience.

There are about 3000 polar bears in and around Svalbard during the winter months. However, it is not easy to spot one of these fantastic creatures. The best chance of seeing one is on the east coast of Spitsbergen. To get there we need to drive through one of the largest valleys of Svalbard and across the glaciers towards the east. At the top of the glaciers we will stop to admire the view of Barents- and Edgeøya – two remote and uninhabited islands.

After a long, but easy ride on the snowmobile, we will arrive at the east coast. Here we need to be on guard. This is the realm of the polar bears. We don’t have permission to track down polar bears, but if we use our binoculars we might get the opportunity to observe these majestic creatures from a safe distance.

Sea ice and huge icebergs as far as the eyes can see, and enormous glacier fronts advancing into the sea. Here we will enjoy the deafening silence and the magnificence of nature. This is Svalbard.

We require a minimum of 2 persons on this trip.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

For this trip we offer an optional snowmobile insurance of NOK 200 which you can choose to add to your booking. In case you have an accident with your snowmobile, then you will not have to pay a deductible to cover the damages (up to NOK 6000). If you want to share a snowmobile as driver and passenger, then you only need the insurance for one person! 

NOK 3490,-

Passenger 2490,-
(Optional Insurance NOK 200)

  • From 12.02.2019 – 21.05.2019
  • Pick up at Hotel 08:00
  • Days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (Sunday until 10.03.19)
  • Duration 10 hours, Distance approx. 180 km 


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“A snowmobile trip in march to the east coast. Really loved it! All friendly, great gear, all in top condition. And on top of it all.. we spotted three polarbears!” 
– Jeroen on Tripadvisor


“None of us had ever seen a snowmobile before but it was easy to get the hang of and our lovely and enthusiastic guide Franka made every second of our 10 hour trip an amazing experience.”
– Susiekenny1 on TripAdvisor


“Seeing polar bears in their natural habitat is amazing and something you can’t achieve without having an experienced guide.”
– Thomashunger on TripAdvisor