Icebreaker – Paddling along glacier fronts


Being in front of an active glacier is a breathtaking experience. The quiet nature of kayaking will give us an opportunity to observe this diverse ecosystem from a completely different perspective. As we paddle through the water, surrounded by icebergs, the picturesque Nansen Glacier is towering above us.

Accompanied by our experienced guides, you will explore one of Svalbard’s most spectacular natural areas in sturdy double kayaks. You don’t need any kayak experience to join this trip.

On this day trip, we pick you up at the hotel and drive out to our headquarters. Here you will receive all necessary equipment for a day out. This includes a dry suit so you can wear your own clothes underneath. You can read more about this on our practical info page.

Once we are all set, we use our comfortable, closed RIB boats to get to the North side of the Isfjord where the kayaks are waiting on the beach. During this one hour crossing, our guide will brief you on how to safely use the gear and the kayaks. When we arrive at the beach, we are ready to go.

We will explore the bay in front of Nansen glacier and paddle between the ice bergs. Our guide will safely lead you through the bay. Take a moment to rest and enjoy this up close view of the glacier front. No other activity gets you as close to these natural environments.

The nature around Nansen glacier is diverse and beautiful. Delicate flora struggles against the wind on the peninsula next to the glacier. Birds are all around, chirping and feeding. Sometimes, we can spot mammals resting on the ice sheets. If we are lucky, we get to see the glacier calving – forming new ice bergs for us to explore.

After a few hours of paddling through the bay, we head back to the boat. Here, our captain has prepared a hearty, warm lunch for us that we can enjoy on our way back to Longyearbyen.

We require a minimum of 4 persons on this trip. Minimum age limit 12 years. 

Medium physical fitness required, not suitable if you have limited mobility.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.


NOK 2590,- 

  • From 01.06.2019 – 31.08.2019
  • Pick up at Hotel: Monday: 16:00
    Wednesday: 10:00
    Friday: 10:00
    Saturday: 10:00
  • Duration  7 Hours
  • Average physical fitness requiered

    Boat in front of Glacier 




“Most of the group had limited kayaking experience, but it didn’t take people long to figure out how to maneuver. We were able to hear and see the glacier from about 300 yards.”
– David82409 on TripAdvisor



“I can’t say enough about the guides. They went out of their way to show us a pleasant experience. We were able to witness the glacier calving from a safe distance away.”
– rphbaker on TripAdvisor