Catching the light – Blue Light (with supper)

Driving through Svalbard’s landscape, in the spring, is magical. The light will transform the white snow into soft blue and pink pastel colours, gently illuminating the mountains and valleys that have been covered by darkness since November.

Between the Polar night and the Midnight sun, one can experience a period of beautiful sunsets followed by the magical blue light. Incredible colours reflect on the snow-covered landscape. To enjoy this period to the fullest, we head out in the evening by snowmobile, explore the valleys surrounding Longyearbyen and have a cosy dinner.

One of our stops is a viewpoint on the slopes of Hiorthfjellet, from where we have breathtaking views over the wide Isfjord and Longyearbyen, tugged in between steep mountain cliffs.

When it is time for dinner, we drive to our cosy cabin, hidden in the valley. Here we are able to enjoy a hearty three-course meal, totally undisturbed from all sounds. Inside the hut, a comfortable fire is burning.

After dinner, we have some time to explore Adventdalen. The guide decides upon the route for the day, the goal is to get a good feeling about the nature in the Arctic and enjoy the blue light. On this trip, we have a good chance of seeing some reindeers in search of food under the snow.

We require a minimum of 2 persons on this trip.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

For this trip we offer an optional snowmobile insurance of NOK 200 which you can choose to add to your booking. In case you have an accident with your snowmobile, then you will not have to pay a deductible to cover the damages (up to NOK 6000). If you want to share a snowmobile as driver and passenger, then you only need the insurance for one person! 

NOK 2190,-

Passenger 1590,-
(Optional Insurance NOK 200)

  • From 24.03.2019 – 18.04.2019
  • Pick up at Hotel 19:00
  • Duration 5 hours
  • Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, very easy and flat terrain

Scooter i semmeldalen Marssol rabbotbreen Longyearbyen, Svalbard Dark season Svalbard Twilight Svalbard Twilight in Sassen


“Their experience and knowledge gives you such a level of confidence that you want to explore more; to press on and reach out to your environment rather than be afraid of it. And that to me is a mark of a truly professional guide.”
– Shield_London on TripAdvisor


“Excellent service and skilful guides. A great concept, with a great headquarters, and where only a small group is heading out on tour.”
– olejorgens on TripAdvisor


“We reached their cabin and headed inside to get served delicious dinner with wraps, soup/stew and brownies followed by coffee or solbærtoddy.”
– Baya_Bay on TripAdvisor