Ursus MaritimusKing of the Arctic

Embark on a snowmobile adventure to the awe-inspiring East Coast, where untouched nature meets frozen landscapes. Marvel at indescribable views that promise an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey.

Around 3000 polar bears inhabit the Svalbard region during winter, yet spotting these incredible creatures is no easy feat. Your best opportunity lies on the East Coast of Spitsbergen. To reach this prime location, we’ll traverse glaciers and journey through one of Svalbard’s largest valleys. Pause at the glacier summits to soak in panoramic views of Barents and Edgeøya, two secluded and uninhabited islands.

Following a lengthy yet straightforward snowmobile journey, we’ll reach the East Coast – the domain of polar bears. Vigilance is essential, as we are not authorized to actively pursue these majestic creatures. However, armed with binoculars, we may seize the chance to observe them from a safe distance.

In this realm, revel in the profound silence and the splendor of nature. Vast icebergs and sea ice stretch as far as the eye can see, while immense glacier fronts extend into the expansive sea. Welcome to the breathtaking landscapes of Svalbard.

“amazing experience and better moments, really lives up to their name. If you visit Svalbard this is a must.”
– Flyer823847

“the tour to the east cost was amazing. GOT to see two polarbears”
– Nina K

“A snowmobile trip in march to the east coast. Really loved it! All friendly, great gear, all in top condition. And on top of it all.. we spotted three polarbears!” 
– Jeroen on Tripadvisor

“None of us had ever seen a snowmobile before but it was easy to get the hang of and our lovely and enthusiastic guide Franka made every second of our 10 hour trip an amazing experience.”
– Susiekenny1 on TripAdvisor

“Seeing polar bears in their natural habitat is amazing and something you can’t achieve without having an experienced guide.”
– Thomashunger on TripAdvisor

Click the image below for an approximate map of the planned route

Important information

Participants that are driving is obliged to ensure that their driver’s license is valid in Svalbard. Please contact the responsible authorities in case of any questions. The guide will control the driver’s license and will refuse participation from driving if the driver’s license is not valid in Svalbard. No refunds will be given due to an invalid driver’s license.

We require a minimum of 2 persons on this trip. Minimum age is 12 years. Contact us directly for alternatives.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

For this trip we offer an optional snowmobile insurance of NOK 200 which you can choose to add to your booking. In case you have an accident with your snowmobile, then you will not have to pay a deductible to cover the damages (up to NOK 6000). If you want to share a snowmobile as driver and passenger, then you only need the insurance for one person! 

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
    10.02.2024 – 20.05.2024
  • Leave the hotel at 08:00
  • Duration 10 Hour
  • Approx. 180km
  • Lunch included
  • Driver NOK 4290,-
    Passenger NOK 3290,-
    Optional insurance NOK 200,-