Catching the lightAurora borealis

Chase the Enchanting Aurora Borealis on Our Snowmobile Adventure. Embark on an unforgettable snowmobile adventure as we journey into the dark to witness the mesmerizing colors of the Aurora Borealis. Join us for an exhilarating experience as we hunt the Northern Lights in the magical Arctic night.


Our guides will use their local knowledge and experience to give you the best chances of experiencing the northern lights.  This trip is an open-destination trip which means that the guide will choose the route based on weather-forecast and current conditions.

Copyright - Tommy Dahl Markussen

Venture away from Longyearbyen, delving into one of the many side-valleys to escape the ambient light of settlements. Immerse yourself in the magical display of lights against the untouched Arctic landscape. Along the journey, a stop at our traditional Gamme provides warmth and a hot drink, creating a cozy interlude as we await the enchanting spectacle.

“Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. She was a great teacher and made us feel very safe!”
– Kikileke on TripAdvisor

“Hotel pickup was on time, their lodge was warm and interesting. Provided us gear that was in good condition, clean, warm, dry.”
– Howard on TripAdvisor

“The guides were very helpful, friendly and tactful and we felt well looked after.”
– Kingpolo14 on TripAdvisor

Important information

Participants that are driving is obliged to ensure that their driver’s license is valid in Svalbard. Please contact the responsible authorities in case of any questions. The guide will control the driver’s license and will refuse participation from driving if the driver’s license is not valid in Svalbard. No refunds will be given due to an invalid driver’s license.

We require a minimum of 2 persons on this trip. Minimum age is 12 years. Contact us directly for alternatives.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.

For this trip we offer an optional snowmobile insurance of NOK 200 which you can choose to add to your booking. In case you have an accident with your snowmobile, then you will not have to pay a deductible to cover the damages (up to NOK 6000). If you want to share a snowmobile as driver and passenger, then you only need the insurance for one person! 

  • 15.12.2023 – 04.02.2024
  • Pick up at the hotel 10:00
    From the 27.01.2024 pick up at 16:00
  • Duration 4 Hour
  • Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, very easy and flat terrain
  • Driver NOK 2390,-
    Passenger NOK 1890,-
    Optional insurance NOK 200,-