MayWhat you can expect when you visit us in

May is here and so is the spring. The Arctic is woken up and more migrating birds are arriving every day.

In May the fjords are open for us, and we can offer our boat trips, walrus safari every day and wildlife safari every night. We also offer the unique tour to Ny Ålesund every Thursday and Sunday. Keep in mind that the sea ice is still formed in the fjord, so most wildlife will be seen on the ice this time of year. Therefore, we will travel to the ice edge to get the best chance.

In the valleys the snow is slowly fading away and it’s only the first part of the month we offer snowmobile trips. We continue offering long daytrips to the east and west coast as long as it is possible

You can always contact us if you want something tailor made. We offer multiple day tours, or we can offer our trips as a private tour just for you and your group.