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We at Better Moments have years of experience from living in Svalbard. We have worked for different companies in town, but are now doing things our own way. The fall of 2013 we started Better Moments AS. Brand new equipment and new snowmobiles were purchased. In 2016 we decorated the old Dynamite storage at Kuhaugen outside Longyearbyen and are now welcoming our scooter guests here.

After a great first year, we decided to start with closed RIB boat trips along the west coast of Spitsbergen. And 2015 was our first year we offered summer activities. Summer 2016 we got our new boat and have been extending our summer offer since.

Better Moments have a maximum of 6 snowmobiles on our winter trips, and a maximum 12 persons on our boat trips. We do this so our guests get the best experience possible. More private and less hectic than the big groups in the larger companies. If your group is bigger than this, or you want a private experience, we recommend to contact us by mail or use the contact form below.

We hope to see you soon!

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Phone: +47 400 95 965

E-Mail: info@bettermoments.no

Meet our Team

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Eivind Aksnes


Eivind worked his first season as a snowmobile guide the year of 2006. Before that he had visited the island many times. He worked a couple of years in the Norwegian army, before migrating to the north. In addition to bringing guest safely around on snowmobiles in the winter, he also take them out on ATV’s, and Rib-boat Safaris in the summer. Now he is the manager of, and a guide at Better Moments. His experience will bring you out and about on exiting routes, and his knowledge of Svalbard will give you many, many stories.

Niklas Gerhardsson


Niklas is our most experienced guide. After finishing his two year long nature guide study in Sweden, he moved up to Svalbard in 1998. He successfully started his own dog yard, taking guests out on guided dog sledding-trips. He has worked as a snowmobile guide, and in summer as an expedition guide on several boats sailing around Svalbard, and Antarctica. Now he is the captain on his own sailing yacht “Aleiga”, taking guest out on cruises around Svalbard. With his versatility, tons of experience and many good stories, he hopes to give you Better Moments.

Aríen Ramnefjell


Aríen has been enthralled by the extreme and breathtaking Svalbard since 2012. With a wide experience, affection and dedication for her work, she will ensure that you get a piece of the magic that Svalbard has to offer, too. She has been exploring the Arctic regions of the world since the age of 20, and her thrill for adventures and nature has brought her much knowledge and a story (or two) to tell. In her spare time she is usually sitting out on the tundra in front of a bonfire (preferrably with a cup of bonfirecoffee), or with her nose deep in a book telling tales of old Arctic adventurers, at least, for as long as her restlessness allows it. Aríen is working for us all four seasons. On the snowmobile in winter, where she safely guides the way for our guests through the white tundra. And during summer she guides on our hiking, boat and kayaktrips. She will make sure you get all the facts you want to know, get the close experiences and the better moments. And just maybe, if lucky, some wildlife.

Eli Gunnemark


When Eli was traveling in his early twenties and ended up working as a guide in the jungle of Borneo and realized that guiding was the perfect job for him. A job that allowed an opportunity to convey the amazement that nature brings and to create unforgettable experiences for guests from around the world. Back his home country of Sweden, Eli went to a school at the border of Finland, and completed a two year nature guide study. After the studies he worked for three years at a small hotel in Swedish Lapland called Tree Hotel. Eli worked as a guide and guided a lot of different tours in the deep forests between Jokkmokk and Boden. With his experience of guiding and enthusiasm Eli will create adventures and unique experiences that only can be found here in Svalbard.

Noora Peteri


Noora is a passionate adventurer who was born and raised in Finnish Lapland. Being outdoors, respecting and learning about nature has always been one of the most important things to her. In 2014, during her studies to become Youth worker and being a downhill ski instructor, she decided to help one local Safari Company in her home town Levi, doing mostly snowmobile safaris and  hiking trips. That time changed her life and when her studies were done, she started to work as a full time wilderness guide and has been more than happy to made that decision. It has lead her to many new adventures, new countries, taught her a lot and given her a unique way to meet people from around the world and to share stories with them. She is looking forward to show and guide you through the beautiness of the Arctic.

Dan Pastolachi


Dan is one of those guys who prefer to stay outside of their comfort zone, take on new challenges and constantly push their limits. In 2015 he decided to combine all of that with his passion for nature, sports and adventure, do a complete change of his career and lifestyle, and become an outdoor guide. Shortly after, his calling for the north, and love for dogs and winter, brought him to Finland. Here he got bitten by the “dogsledding bug”, and that’s when he realized that the cold arctic is his true home, even though born in sunny Moldova. In the following years he studied, and took on various guiding jobs throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, which helped him gather a vast and varied set of skills, experience, stories and even more love and respect for nature, which he will gladly share with you. He often compares himself to a Swiss army knife – whatever the problem, he will have the tool to solve it.

Nick Fellowes


Nick first became fascinated by the frozen north at the age of 19, after reading a copy of “Arctic Dreams” by Barry Lopez, which he found in a second hand book store in his home town in England. His career in adventurous travel has now spanned thirty years and he has travelled extensively around the world to explore the natural history of Earth’s wilderness areas. Having worked in cave systems in the Canadian Rockies, tracked Iberian Wolves in Northern Spain and guided wildlife and hiking trips on the west coast of Scotland, Nick spent 5 winters north of the Arctic Circle leading dogsledding tours in Finland and Norway and fell in love with the peace and clarity of the northern landscapes. As an accredited wilderness guide he loves to share and reveal the beauty and science behind nature’s spectacles, with guests from all walks of life, and looks forward to bringing your Arctic dream to life with the best moments that Svalbard has to offer.

Anna Sæther


Anna is born and raised in Fredrikstad, Norway. As most Norwegians she grew up skiing, but her main passion was acrobatics and has competed both national and all over Europa.

She loves working with people and has dedicated much of her time working with people with special needs.

The last year she has been working in the Norwegian coast guard and has enjoyed working along the Norwegian coast.

Ever since one of here deck officers told her stories about Svalbard she has dreamt about working here, and now this dream is finally happening, and she can’t wait until she can take you out in Svalbard’s amazing nature this summer.

Ida Camilla Aluwini Skaar


Ida Camilla did an exchange semester in Svalbard in 2018 while studying marine biology. She quickly fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and its wildlife and can tell you a lot about their secrets for a life in such extreme environment. 

Back in Oslo she´ll spend lots of time outdoor preferably at sea, but also hiking or skiing in the mountains.

She has a background as a nurse and love working with people and are now spending this summer showing you the best side of this exotic island in the arctic.

Krzysztof M. Różański


Chris first came to Svalbard in 1995 and since then he has been here many summer seasons, gaining experience with maritime transport of both scientific and tourist expeditions around Spitsbergen. As a true wild nature lover, he feels here at home (along with the Białowieża Primeval Forest, where he lives in Poland). Chris also graduated Polish Naval Academy and worked as officer of a sail training ship and small vessels on offshore projects. Now a PhD student in Polar research.  He will be very happy to share his passion and experience to give you the Better Moments in the Arctic.

Matts Ekman


Matts was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. After living and working most of his lifetime in a big city, he decided a few years ago to focus more on his outdoor passion and living closer to nature. As a former high-school teacher for adventure tourism and physical education, he started in the following years working as a kayak instructor and further, as a guide on skis, snowmobiling, rafting and climbing. He has always been fascinated by the North and consequently decided to take the next step in going to Svalbard, the high Arctic. With his experience in guiding for many years and his desire to give guests the best outdoor experience they could have, he will safely guide you through your next Arctic adventure. After working many years as a nature guide for Better Moments he will now Captain our boats.

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Phone: +47 400 95 965

E-Mail: info@bettermoments.no

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