Walrus Safari – Two tons of happiness


We are happy to welcome you on a day trip to a walrus colony. This colony is in beautiful surroundings on the island “Prince Karl’s Forland”, north of the Isfjord. Experience Svalbard’s unique wildlife!

The walrus, with its funny character, is one of the most intriguing animals in the Arctic. They stay in the same area most of the summer, and love to sunbathe on the beach. One of the most known colonies close to Longyearbyen is on Poolepynten on Prince Karl’s Forland. With our special designed speedboats, we can easily reach this colony on a short daytrip. Our boat is comfortable, closed, dry and heated, with a panorama view, bar and toilet.

We leave the Isfjord and head north along the scenic west coast of Spitsbergen. Dramatic mountains, rising high above the sea and massive glacier fronts advancing into it, makes this a beautiful trip. When we arrive at Poolepynten, we will disembark and get the chance to observe the walruses from up close. Back on board, we will have lunch.

Afterwards, we will return to the enormous Isfjord and sail along bays and cliffs that have been used by trappers and miners for centuries. This gives us a good opportunity to take photos and learn some good stories from our guide.

We can never guarantee wildlife, however, this is a well-known hauling-out place for walruses. We require a minimum of 4 persons on this trip.

From NOK 2190,-

  • From 01.05.2018 – 05.08.2018
  • Pick up at hotel 09:00
  • Duration 7 hours

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“We saw a large group of male walruses, as well as surrounding scenery and other wildlife. This tour allows you to get off the boat and on the island with the walruses…”                                                  – Knelson126 on TripAdvisor


“Professional crew. Good boat. Everything up to date. Tasteful food and drinks. Our guide had a great scientifically and historically approach to most things about Svalbard.”                                                  – Hans T on TripAdvisor


“We got close enough to take great pictures, but far away enough to feel like we did not disturb the animal…”                                                                                                                                    – Helena_Tjambro on TripAdvisor