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With a closed rib the possibilities are endless. Comfortable, warm and fast, we’ll travel to where the action is. With our years of experience, we’ll do our best to give you your greatest nature experience ever!

When the smaller, open boats must stay home because of hard weather conditions, we can still head out and experience the fjord.

The fauna in Isfjorden has increased a lot over the last couple of years. The chance to see polar bear cubs out on a walk with their mother, a blue whale showing its tailfin or a humpback whale coming up and playing around the boat, is a lot bigger now, especially since we know where to look.

On days when no one wants to be found, we will still give you an amazing nature experience. We can go to the most spectacular glacier fronts found in the northern part of Isfjorden. These enourmous amounts of ice are constantly moving and changing shapes by calving, letting go of ice into the fjord. And maybe we will get to watch a seal sunbathing on the ice, or some of the thousand birds that uses the nutritious water in front of the glacier as their dinner plate.

Our chefs have prepared a nice bowl of homemade soup for us to enjoy at a scenic place.

We can never guarantee wildlife, however, we will drive in areas that are well known for its wildlife. We require a minimum of 4 persons on this trip.

NOK 1990,-

  • From 01.05.2017 – 31.10.2017
  • Pick up at hotel      18:00 (The trip starts 10:00 from 01.Sept)
  • Duration 5 hours

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“Our evening trip with Better Moments to the glacier was truly magical, most certainly the highlight of our trip to Norway and Svalbard…” 
                         – Tim G on TripAdvisor


“An excellent set up by people who are careful and responsible with the wildlife as well as know how to find it for you!”
                         – Vicky R on TripAdvisor


“We arrived at the glacier (and) were lucky enough to see a polar bear, it was a fantastic sight, something I hoped I’d see but didn’t think I would.”
                         – DSR72 on TripAdvisor